Bruno Postigo’s camera lens is best described as an extension of his anatomical sight. Each of his subjects reflect much of Postigo in their gaze towards his camera lens - he captures this moment. His photographs are minimal and cinematic. They strive to convey a meaning; a narrative and the passing of time. Postigo entered his first darkroom at the age of sixteen, falling in love with the medium as he developed his first prints. But it wasn’t until he got his hands on a Nikon DSLR soon after that photography became more than just an aspiration.

      An autodidact, Postigo started shooting without any pretext. With the help of Pakmode media, he was able to garner experiences that afforded a then-novice, the opportunities to hone his craft. Photography has quickly become Postigo’s primary mode of expression. Spending time with Postigo is like seeing the world anew as he stealthily snaps shots of minutiae, rendering them most charming. He packs a Nikon D810 on most days, with a wide range of lenses including a Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens.

A nostalgic outlook perhaps, Postigo also readily shoots on film using his old Nikon F. Where some photographers rely heavily on editing in the post stages, Postigo eschews modern manipulations of the image by channelling his predecessors for inspiration. The great artists to which Postigo aspires such as Daido Moriyama, Sebastião Salgado, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Stanley Kubrick are his reasons for leaving subjects undisturbed whenever possible.

He does, however, deftly manipulate exposure, contrast, and color on occasion to convey a palpable mood in some of his photographs. Postigo has worked with a range of subjects all over the world, and in many different facets of photography and art industries. He has photographed portraits of musicians such as Skrillex, and Gesaffelstein being published internationally. His editorial work is also extensive and has been featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone, SPIN, Elle France, Magnetik Magazine, Resident Advisor and worked with commercial brands such as Google, GM, Disco Donnie, React, Red Bull,

         Postigo’s creative work is most impressive, revealing an artist on the threshold of his talent. His Apus series in Peru and MX in Mexico City are among the many works that evince just how far Postigo will go to get the perfect photograph. Postigo believes that a photographer should push the confines of their comfort zone, always eager to point his camera lens in the direction of new, and altogether foreign genres. In the coming years, Postigo plans to continue to plan international trips to create more series that showcase the world he sees through his eyes. His work is his world, and the world in which his photographs exist will surreptitiously, and spontaneously become yours in one glance.